Publicado 17 Fevereiro 2014
Queen — We Are The Champions

Queen — We Are The Champions

продолжительность: 3:1
Posted on 17 Fevereiro 2014
"We Are the Champions" is a song by the British rock band Queen released on their album "News of the World". It is one of the most famous band's songs. It became a sport anthem of millions of sport fans around the globe.
Queen, Musica rock
Palavras recomendadas
a bow - curva
to bring - trazer
challenge - desafio
to commit - cometer
to consider - considerar
crime - crime
curtain call - chamada do ator
dues - direitos
fame - fama
a fortune - fortuna
go on - continuar
keep on - continuar
to kick - chutar
to lose - perder
a loser - perdedor
a mistake - erro
a sentence - sentença
a share - quota
thank you - obrigado
till the end - até o fim
time after time - repetidas vezes

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