Publicado 9 Março 2017
Peppa Pig: Camping

Peppa Pig: Camping

продолжительность: 4:30
Posted on 9 Março 2017
The Pig family goes camping, but when Daddy finally manages to set up the tent, it turns out that it is too small for everyone to fit in. Daddy has to sleep outside, and everything would be just fine if it wasn't for the bad weather. But Daddy Pig is a true pro at camping, so he is going to be perfectly fine... isn't he?
Peppa Pig
Palavras recomendadas
bedtime - hora de deitar
a campfire - fogueira
to carry - carregar
to collect - coletar
easy as pie - fácil como torta
an expert - especialista
to forget - esquecer
further - mais
to grow - crescer
lovely - adorável
make a fire - fazer fogo
make into - transformar
to mean - significar
to move - mover
nature - natureza
never mind - deixa pra lá
noise - ruído
of course - Naturalmente!
outside - fora
an owl - coruja
a pole - pólo
rub together - esfregar juntos
to rumble - ressoar
to snore - roncar
splendid - esplêndido
a stick - vara
a tent - tenda
worry - afligir

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