Publicado 19 Maio 2018
One Amazing Day: Three-toed sloth

One Amazing Day: Three-toed sloth

продолжительность: 4:9
Posted on 19 Maio 2018
Three-toed sloths are mammals of the family Bradypodidae. Overall, there are four species of sloths in the family, with all of them dwelling in Central America and in the northern region of South America. Their hobby is hanging on the crown of a tree in the rainforest. Their big, sharp claws prevent them from falling off the tree. Sloths sleep 15 hours a day, but even when awake, they move quite slowly.
Palavras recomendadas
as they say - como eles dizem
at one's best - no seu melhor
comatose - comatoso
a cub - filhote
high tide - maré alta
look for - procurar
mate - companheiro
to nurse - cuidar
off the coast - fora da costa
oppressive - opressivo
potential - potencial
pretty much - bastante
quite - bastante
to rouse - despertar
sadly - Infelizmente
slothful - preguiçoso
the only - o único
tiny - minúsculo
tropics - região trópica
why not - Por que não

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