Publicado 8 Julho 2017
Duração do vídeo: 4 Minuto. 43 sec.
Lucy is a teacher from the UK. And also she is a cheerful and charming girl. In this video, Lucy will talk about ten popular love and relationship related expressions that natives often use in their speech.
Palavras recomendadas
be likely to - Possa
a couple - casal
a date - data
double date - encontro duplo
entire - todo
exactly - exatamente
extra - extra
film - filmar
final - final
get hitched - se amarrar
get started - iniciar
a husband - marido
obvious - óbvio
on the rocks - com gelo
quite - bastante
set someone up - definir alguém
squeeze in - espremer
successful - bem sucedido
tie the knot - casar
warm fuzzy feeling - sentimento difuso quente