Publicado 7 Fevereiro 2017
Dramatic stream of molten lava of Kilauea volcano

Dramatic stream of molten lava of Kilauea volcano

продолжительность: 1:1
Posted on 7 Fevereiro 2017
Kilauea (translated from Hawaiian as “spewing, much spreading”) is an active shield volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. Most of the Kilauea volcano is part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park .
Kilauea erupts over the past 30 years at times, but in recent years, eruptions have become particularly frequent. In this video, you will see a stream of lava flowing into the ocean and making the water boil.
Palavras recomendadas
careful - cuidadoso
a chunk - naco
to collapse - desmoronar
come from - vir de
debris - detritos
dramatic - dramático
explosion - explosão
to expose - expor
fire hose - Mangueira de incêndio
to form - formar
huge - enorme
impressive - impressionante
inland - no interior
molten - fundido
prove to be - provou ser
quite the - bem o
rock - rocha
show signs of - mostrar sinais de
slow down - desacelerar
a spectacle - espetáculo
to spout - jorrar
a stream - córrego
to throw - jogar
to trigger - gatilho

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