Publicado 11 Novembro 2017
Darren Hayes — Insatiable

Darren Hayes — Insatiable

продолжительность: 4:21
Posted on 11 Novembro 2017
Insatiable is a debut single recorded by Australian singer Darren Hayes, the former lead singer of the band Savage Garden, in 2002. The song reached number one on New Zealand chart, number three on Australian chart and number eight on the UK Singles Chart.
Palavras recomendadas
barely - mal
to bathe - banhar
chase away - afugentar
fall asleep - adormecer
to grow - crescer
to hold - segurar
hold hands - mãos dadas
to levitate - levitar
moonlight - luar
race - correr
to revolve - girar
scent - perfume
a sheet - folha
to soar - planar
to stain - manchar
sweetness - Doçura
take off - decolar
to touch - tocar em
turn down - recusar

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