Can you solve the frog riddle?

coleções: Ted-Ed, Enigmas, Matemáticas
Publicado 11 Janeiro 2018
Duração do vídeo: 4 Minuto. 7 sec.
You’re stranded in a rainforest, and you’ve eaten a poisonous mushroom. To save your life, you need an antidote excreted by a certain species of frog. Unfortunately, only the female frog produces the antidote. The male and female look identical, but the male frog has a distinctive croak.
Palavras recomendadas
to avoid - evitar
certain - certo
a clearing - clareira
to collapse - desmoronar
common - comum
direction - direção
equal - igual
except that - exceto aquilo
to excrete - excretar
a female - fêmea
huge - enorme
identical - idêntico
to increase - aumentar
independent - independente
individual - individual
likely - provável
to lose - perder
a male - macho
particular - especial
poisonous - venenoso
possibility - possibilidade
probability - probabilidade
a rainforest - floresta tropical
species - espécies
to startle - assustar
a stump - toco
survival - sobrevivência
unfortunately - infelizmente