Publicado 19 Junho 2017
Dear Kitten: Regarding friendship

Dear Kitten: Regarding friendship

продолжительность: 1:40
Posted on 19 Junho 2017
The elder cat keeps on explaining the rules of living in a house to the kitten. Today, a very important topic is on the agenda: friendship. It might seem so simple at the first glance, but friendship does have its own rules which the kitten must get to know.
Palavras recomendadas
as much as the next person - tanto quanto a próxima pessoa
to assume - assumir
be friends with - ser amigo de
be there - estar lá
because of - por causa de
a belly - barriga
a bum - vagabundo
a butt - bumbum
completely - completamente
depth - profundidade
a hint - sugestão
in times of need - em tempos de necessidade
it is time - está na hora
a limit - limite
next door - vizinho
to notice - notar
to point - apontar
present - apresentar
to render - tornar
to resuscitate - ressuscitar
spend - passar
unconscious - inconsciente
wake up - acordar
to warm - aquecer

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