Publicado 20 Novembro 2016
Snow Patrol — Chasing Cars

Snow Patrol — Chasing Cars

продолжительность: 3:41
Posted on 20 Novembro 2016
Snow Patrol is an alternative rock band consisting of members who come from Northern Ireland and Scotland. It was formed in Dundee, with all the members currently living in Glasgow, Belfast and London. The band has won an Ivor Novello Awards prize.
Musica rock
Palavras recomendadas
as well - também
at all - absolutamente
burst into life - irromper na vida
to chase - perseguir
confused - confuso
do it all - faça tudo
to forget - esquecer
get old - envelhecer
to lie - mentir
perfect - perfeito
too much - muito
to waste - desperdiçar

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