Publicado 15 Janeiro 2017
Dear Kitten: Regarding the big game

Dear Kitten: Regarding the big game

продолжительность: 3:25
опубликовано 15 Janeiro 2017
The elder cat keeps on explaining the rules of living in a house to the kitten. Today is a strange day: our heroes are under attack by a bunch of strangers that take all the places for sleep, eat some odd food and yell loudly. How are the cat and kitten going to get through this?
Palavras recomendadas
a little something - um pouco de algo
comfortable - confortável
a cornucopia - cornucópia
cruel - cruel
every single - cada um
to happen - acontecer
to hit - acertar
a hole - buraco
inside - dentro
intelligence - inteligência
to join - juntar
joking aside - brincando de lado
to kill - matar
to lose - perder
outside - fora
point - ponto
quite - bastante
to remember - lembrar
a ride - passeio
suddenly - de repente
terrible - terrível
totally - totalmente
to wear - usar
worth - no valor de