Publicado 14 Julho 2017
This much will kill you
(part two)

This much will kill you
(part two)

продолжительность: 1:43
Posted on 14 Julho 2017
We all know to keep ourselves away from poisonous substances. But what about the very common things, food and effects? As it turns out, we can be killed by what we face everyday as well. With this video, you will know what exactly and how much. The main thing is not to go too far!
Part one
Palavras recomendadas
amazing - surpreendente
amount - quantidade
approximately - aproximadamente
at risk - em risco
a bone - osso
to burst - estourar
a chemical - substância química
directly - diretamente
effectively - efetivamente
to explain - explicar
fun - divertimento
go above - vá acima
keep someone up - mantenha alguém
lack of - falta de
a level - nível
limited - limitado
long-term - a longo prazo
a neighbor - vizinho
pressure - pressão
to reach - alcançar
response - resposta
severe - grave
speaking of - falando de
to survive - sobreviver

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