This much will kill you
(part one)

Publicado 11 Julho 2017
Duração do vídeo: 1 Minuto. 39 sec.
We all know to keep ourselves away from poisonous substances. But what about the very common things, food and effects? As it turns out, we can be killed by what we face everyday as well. With this video, you will know what exactly and how much. The main thing is not to go too far!
Palavras recomendadas
basic - básico
cardiac arrest - parada cardíaca
to cause - causar
a cell - célula
consecutive - consecutivo
to contain - conter
dangerous - perigoso
extreme case - caso extremo
ground - terra
heart palpitations - palpitações cardíacas
injury - prejuízo
to lead - conduzir
liquid - líquido
of choice - de escolha
oxygen - oxigênio
to prefer - preferir
a reaction - reação
to require - exigir
severe - grave
to stick - colar
substance - substância
a teaspoon - colher de chá
to trigger - gatilho
to vaporize - vaporizar