Plano de estudo pessoal

If you don't know where to begin with, customize your Personal Study Plan.
It is a personal study programme that is drawn up in accordance with your level, goals and desired time.
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Como funciona
Specify your goals and preferences
What do you need English for? What are you interested in? What schedule would you like to follow?
Obtain your Personal Study Plan
A personal study plan will be drawn up in accordance with your level, goals and preferences. You can modify it at any time using settings.
Study and collect puzzle points
Keep track of your progress. Earn puzzle points for fulfilling the tasks from the plan.
Exchange puzzle points for courses
You can exchange the puzzle points you earn for premium Puzzle English options (e.g. Vocabulary Builder or Teacher's Method courses).
App móvel
Desenvolva suas habilidades de escuta, melhore seu vocabulário, aprimore suas habilidades de leitura e escrita em um só app! Esta é uma forma excelente de aprender inglês para aqueles que estão familiarizados com o alfabeto inglês e com o vocabulário básico.
Learn English rationally — study by a Personal plan. Earn puzzle points for the tasks you complete, and exchange them for website capabilities.